Omnica in 2019
Jan 3, 2019 @ 9:59
Jörg Lorscheider

Hello and Happy New Year! Thanks for your continued interest in this monthly newsletter. I wanted to give you some news about what Omnica will be doing in 2019.

New Web Site: Omnica will launch a new web site sometime in the first half of the year. We hope to increase our visitor engagement and give you a better feel for the culture and customer experience when working with us.

Network Marketing: Omnica will be increasing its network marketing presence at local events and working to build more relationships with all of you! To that end, this blog will become part of the Omnica web site but you will continue to receive updates on industry news and events on a monthly basis as before. As with this update, we might throw in a note about what’s happening with Omnica from time to time.

Trade Shows: This will be the last year of Omnica at the MD&M show after more than 10 years. It has been our decision to focus more on other, smaller trade shows in areas where we do not have as much visibility. This includes the BioMedDevice show in San Jose, and the AACC conference (this year in Anaheim) among others.

Growth: We are growing! While we have stayed the same size for many years, circumstances dictate that we grow again. This will not be a doubling in size or anything like that, just a modest increase in people in order to meet demand generated by our existing and new customers. We are therefore hiring very senior electrical and mechanical engineers that will complement our current staff. We have already added Michael Palmer to the team if any of you happen to know him.

Invitation:  We invite you always to come and visit Omnica and see our facility. You will not find a better equipped, and more experienced development group under one roof. I hope you will take us up on it.

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