New Role for Jorg
Sep 1, 2018 @ 14:58

I wanted to thank you all for your continued support of this newsletter.  I hope that it continues to be of value to you and your comments are always welcome.  I would also like to announce that I have officially left Paramit Corporation after 3.5 years.  I have enjoyed my time there and am still amazed by the tremendous manufacturing systems they have put in place that makes them unique in the industry.

I have accepted a position with Omnica Corporation based in Irvine.  Omnica has built an amazing reputation over the past 34 years and they have equipment and capabilities that are unmatched by others in the industry.  I will be managing Sales and Marketing efforts for the company.

You will still be able to find me at many of the local networking events and trade shows so not much will change outwardly.  I am still dedicated to helping companies find the best solutions for them.   I am also managing the In vitro Diagnostic (IVD) LinkedIn group so please look for new activity happening there.

Thanks to Paramit for their support and I am excited to see what we can do to grow Omnica further.   Please check us out at

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