Med-Life.News has become the Health Device Network
Mar 9, 2018 @ 8:18

After publishing Med-Life News for the past 3 years, It became clear to us that there was a very poor division between Therapeutics (Drugs) and Devices (Medical & Diagnostic).  Therefore, we decided to change our approach to focus more on devices. There is  already a great community focused on life sciences called the Life Science Network. if you are interested.

While we will continue to publish our monthly newsletter focused mainly on devices,  We also felt that developing a web site that takes the nuances within the segment into account would be most useful to the community in the long run.

We have therefore re crafted the web site in the form of a community and thus the name Health Device Network.  The site contains forums and discussion areas where members can introduce topics, have discussions, make connections etc.   All existing URL’s will remain and reach the new

Over the next months we will work to improve the site and add more content to make it a resource worth joining.  We have a great device community in Southern California,  but we will slowly expand to include the other medical device clusters in the US like Minneapolis and New England perhaps having various editions so that we keep that local community value.   As before, all the event listings are exclusively in Southern California.

Thank you for your continued support of our newsletter!

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