Paramit Vocabulary!
Dec 31, 2017 @ 14:40
  • Centerpoint:    For Paramit, its not enough to be on the same page. Centerpoint means that we are at the exact same point on the page as well.
  • Fanatical Common Sense:  We don’t do things just because it’s the way its been done in the past.  We strive to apply fanatical common sense to every process.
  • Transferless Design:  From our experience, the transition between design and manufacturing takes an extraordinary amount of time and effort with corresponding frustration from all stakeholders.  Transferless Design refers to the process by which manufacturing information is included in the design from the outset thereby saving significant time, money and frustration.  For example: Initial BOMs (Bill of Materials) are already using components from our supply chain including accurate cost information.
  • Own the Outcome:  Paramit encourages all of its employees to own the outcome.  Many companies as they grow, people have a tendency to focus on completing tasks rather than insuring a superior outcome.  Paramit always wants everyone to own the outcome!
  • CFT (Customer Focused Team):  At Paramit all customers are assigned a customer focused team with the appropriate skills necessary to solve all potential issues.  The team consists of Project Leader, Mechanical Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Test Engineer, Manufacturing Engineer and Asset Manager.   These teams are responsible for the customer satisfaction and addressing any manufacturing issues.
  • Do it Right the First TIme: It may sound like a cliche but Paramit takes it to heart.  The company rewards attention to detail focuses on doing it right and not repeating work.  This helps reduce cost and results in a scrap rate of virtually zero.
  • Extreme Performance:  Normal measures of performance are not adequate to characterize Paramit quality levels.   Paramit performance is orders of magnitude better than best in class based on standardardized measurements in Defects Per Million Opportunities (DPMO) .  For example, our PCBA manufacturing area has operated at ~9 DPMO for the past 5 years.  Best in class for a high mix environment like ours is 30 DPMO.   On the assembly side, the difference is even greater with world class companies operating at 200 DPMO while we at Paramit have maintained a level of less than 1.   (.5 to be exact)

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