What the heck is vPoke anyway?
Dec 30, 2017 @ 9:09

Paramit’s extreme quality performance is largely due to our custom manufacturing process and software we call vPoke.  vPoke stands for virtual Poka Yoke, a Japanese quality term for “mistake-proofing”.  While  this usually refers to design features that prevent errors, we have extended this concept to environments where error prone features are inherent in the design (ie complex manual assembly).  Thus, we have error-proofed complex assembly operations performed by humans to a level near zero defects.

This is not normally possible as evidenced by the fact that world class assembly organizations achieve, at best approximately 200 defects per million opportunities (DPMO) while  Paramit using vPoke has produced 0.5 DPMO for the past 5 years!  This performance is why Paramit has retained its customers for the long term.  Our largest customer has been with us for over 12 years and performs no incoming inspection for the products we deliver to them.

Additional benefits to the vPoke process include a manufacturing footprint reduction of ~50% and virtually unlimited scalability up or down at no cost to our customers.   The scalability is particularly beneficial to Start Up companies who begin with very low volume and then scale rapidly.  In  the medical industry it is often the case that production may start with clinical units then incur a long wait time for clinical trials and regulatory approval before significant production begins.

These features are costly to achieve using standard “cellular” assembly processes used by almost all manufacturers (CM or OEM) of complex instrumentation.

Take a quick video tour of our vPoke system as narrated by the inventor, our CEO Billoo Ritaul.

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